Kobe or lebron whos better

Kobe is a better on-ball defender and a superior scorer, but his advantages aren't large here and LeBron beats him pretty soundly in the other phases. If James had played then, he might have been guarding Wilt.

Interms of sheer physical prowess, these were the two truly transcendent players of their respective generations.

It was his greatest attribute. When he sits more, his per-game averages will fall. Who is the better leader. Kobe is, simply, better; a better defender with a better offensive repertoire, and as good a finisher.

Their numbers are so comparable, Kobe with career averages of Kobe, because, as Stephen Jackson recently noted, he has no tendencies. He usually gets the last laugh in the playoffs. What is the key difference between them. Aside from a bizarre Finals, LeBron can bring it defensively in crunch time, too.

Whos better, Kobe or Lebron? Why?

And he did win those last two championships without Shaq. It depends a lot on where the next 10 years take LeBron, and there are no guarantees he'll remain in Cleveland, so I'll have to go with Kobe and the three championships he has already won. Kobe is the best player in the NBA and the better player of the two, but not by much.

Not because LeBron's is subpar, but I'm pretty sure Kobe would be a landslide winner if we did a survey seeking out the NBA's most driven player. Kobe's previous 10 years, or LeBron's next 10 years. Not because he's the better solo scorer -- he's not. While each has had the privilege to play with some very good talent, LeBron did a much better job of getting those teammates more involved.

And with LeBron's seemingly limitless ceiling, I imagine most teams would pick LeBron's future compared to what we've already seen from Kobe, banking on the idea that LeBron's shooting from the perimeter and the line and his defense can only improve from here and make him even more special.

In the Kobe vs. He was a stone killer. Steam like a freight train for a dunk. If you were there or just watching on TV, you knew what was coming and you knew the shot was going in. LeBron has less championships, but his name is written all over them Kobe had a better supportive team around him, both on the court and in the coach position.

He can play any position on the floor. So if we're defining the "Better" player as the guy who you'd rather build your team around, the answer has to be James.

I think even LeBron would concede that he still has lots to learn here. Head-to-head comparison between the NBA stars LeBron James and Kobe Bryant that includes championships won, honors and awards obtained, regular season and.

Jul 03,  · Kobe was better from 3 and slightly better at the line. In the playoffs, however, the differences at the line were negligible. Kobe was a great defender, but Jordan was better. Jun 12,  · LeBron is a better clutch player.

While Kobe fans argue that he is a better clutch player (the one who makes the most important shots, especially in the game’s last minutes), it`s far from reality.

Daily News Agenda: Who was greater, LeBron or Kobe?

LeBron, who does not choke, is a better clutch player, and this argument is backed by stats. A look into Kobe vs. LeBron regarding clutch-time stats proves LeBron is better than Kobe in the most important. Aug 04,  · Watch video · The Kobe Bryant vs.

LeBron James argument was briefly revived this week when Michael Jordan, a former baseball player, said he thinks Bryant is the better player, thanks in large part to his five.

Kobe Bryant is a better player than Lebron James because of his defense. Lebron James is a phenomenal athlete and has the potential to one day surpass Kobe Bryant in terms of greatness, but as it stands right now Kobe is the superior basketball player.

Lebron James Better than Kobe Bryant Lebron James is finally starting to earn the championships that he deserves, and his career is definitely starting to overshadow the career of Kobe Bryant. James is a much better basketball player than Bryant at this point, and he's proving it .

Kobe or lebron whos better
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